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watson20in20's Journal

Emma Watson 20in20
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

This community is devoted to Emma Watson. Every month, you will be given 10 themes, a category set, and an ac set to make icons with. You will have 20 days to complete the set of 20 icons. You may use any images you want as long as they fit the theme. All icons must be made by you, and be made directly for this challenge. You may post your entries at the community, or on your own journal. The entries must be public until the round is completed. Title your entries as "Round ##: USERNAME" and do not tag your entries, one of the mods will do that for you. Post three teasers and the link to your post. All effects are allowed but animation and all icons must fit LJ's criteria ( under 40kb, 100x100). You may ask that people come and vote, but you may not ask anyone to vote for you. You may also not vote for yourself.
Your mods are lauraelizabeth9, brina_xo, and navi_glow. Contact us if you have any questions/concerns.

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